What’s in an Appeal?

Court cases are complicated, and sometimes winning doesn’t mean you’re done. When someone, either plaintiff or defendant, is unhappy with their outcome they can file for an appeal. As your trusted appeal lawyer in Florida, we’d like to share with you the determining factor in appellate cases: experience.

When you feel like justice was not served after a court case, you have the right to one appeal. Thomas Yardley has extensive experience in the appellate process; he’s represented appellants, appellees, petitioners and respondents. This comes in handy when you’re trying to change an official decision of a trial, as the Rules of Appellate Procedure is a 140-page document.

In order to win an appeal, you must go through the rigorous process of proving that the court made a mistake. It’s beneficial to have an experienced appellate lawyer on your side. At Yardley Law we only take appeal cases from clients we’ve worked for before, this ensures we’re already engrossed in your case and able to appeal as effectively as we can. However, if you’re a new client looking to appeal a decision, we’d be happy to help you sort out any issues you may have. Call us for a consultation today.


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