Child Custody Laws in Florida

Family situations that require the help of an attorney can be confusing and heartbreaking. As a family lawyer with twenty years of experience Thomas Yardley understands the compassion and understanding necessary when dealing with these sensitive issues. Child custody is a question that often comes up. Below are a few notable aspects of the law regarding child custody in Florida.


  1. A child custody agreement is called a parenting plan, and is agreed upon by both parents and approved by the court.
  2. An approved plan includes details about how the parents will share and be held responsible for daily tasks necessary for rearing a child. It must include time spent with each parent, who will be responsible for schooling and health care related matters, and what technology parents will use to contact their children.
  3. A court can approve a parenting plan without the child present, especially if it appears that the child was removed from the court’s jurisdiction to avoid a change in the parenting plan.
  4. The court will make all of its decisions regarding the parenting plan based on the child’s best interest.
  5. In Florida the public policy is that each child have frequent and continuing contact with both parents after a separation. “There is no presumption for or against the father or mother.”

These are just a few pieces of Florida’s child custody laws to take into consideration. If you have any questions about how to put together a parenting plan that places your child’s best interests first, contact us today. Our attorneys are your allies and advocates when it comes to settling family issues in a fair and agreeable manner.


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