Living Wills, Estates, and Trusts

Yardley Law is your Florida estate attorney committed to providing you with comprehensive planning services for your family’s financial future. The AARP recommends that estate planning should include the following:

  • Health care power of attorney. Before you make the big decisions about who will get your estate, you need to make other choices about who will represent your interests with the doctors if you become incapacitated. Include a living will, which will direct doctors and family members regarding your wishes when it comes to life support.
  • Financial power of attorney. This document is similar to a health care power of attorney, only it appoints someone to handle your financial affairs. This person should not only be trustworthy, but also understand something about finance or investing. This document may also be called a “property” power of attorney.
  • Wills and trusts. Yardley Law will ensure that you haven’t forgotten essential elements in your will that would jeopardize your estate. Property and other assets can be placed in the trust to shield them from taxes and from probate, the lengthy and expensive court process by which wills are executed. Instead, a trustee is appointed to manage the trust. That will simplify things once you or your spouse die.
  • Gifts that can reduce your estate. Talk to us about how gifts might reduce the value of your estate, and therefore the tax paid on it.

At Yardley Law, we offer estate planning services that will help you rest assured that your family’s future is secure!