NPR reports on quality of justice for poor

National Public Radio’s Carrie Johnson reports on changes in the United State Justice Department aimed at tackling the problem of low-quality representation for the poor. Yardley Law is your Brevard county criminal defense attorney protecting you from inadequate representation.

We’re all familiar the constitutional right to an attorney and adequate representation, even for the poor who cannot afford a private attorney. Investigations have shown, however, a vast gap in quality of representation in public versus private defenders. Public defenders may be deeply committed to justice, but heavy caseloads and lack of experience make it impossible to represent all clients with gusto.

At Yardley Law, we acknowledge public defense as a vital part of our justice system. We also know that the quality of your defense has a direct impact on the outcome of your criminal case, so we urge you to contact us for representation. We will provide high-quality representation so that YOU don’t suffer an unfair trial.