Permanent Alimony Faces Potential Abolishment

Family law in Florida is facing a major overhaul according to the latest news release. House Bill-943 is aimed at bringing an end to lifetime alimony asĀ a possible settlementĀ in divorce cases. On Friday, April 23rd, the Florida House of Representatives approved the bill with a vote of 93-22.

Current Florida law allows for alimony to be awarded to an ex-spouse on a permanent basis. Proponents of change feel that such a law fosters an unhealthy work ethic in both alimony recipients and alimony contributors. The alimony recipients shy away from self-sufficiency for fear of losing their alimony benefits. On the other hand, the individuals obligated to pay alimony tend to not want to make more money since a larger percentage may end up being awarded to the ex-spouse.

The Family Law section of the Florida Bar expressed its support for the bill by speaking to the Senate Appropriations Committee last week. The committee approved the bill with a vote of 12-6 just before the House of Representatives also approved it. The next step in the process is the appearance of the bill before the Florida Senate. If passed in the Senate as well, the bill will be passed to the Florida Governor to be potentially signed into law.

Could the end of permanent alimony be just around corner? For some, this will be a thing to celebrate; for others, it will mean a major change to income structure. Here at Yardley Law, we keep an eye on matters of family law in Melbourne, FL and will update you as the news breaks.


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