Social Media Presence May Speak for You in Court

Have you considered the overall picture that your social media presence paints about you? Recent cases in the courts indicate that you might want it to resemble more of a portrait than an abstract work of art open to interpretation – or you may even opt for a blank canvas. Courts have been using Facebook wall posts, pictures, and status updates as a means of assessing whether or not an individual’s claims of mental anguish, pain and suffering, or loss are true to life or trumped up exaggerations.

What impact can this have on your family law, civil litigation, or criminal defense case? Remember that what you post is representative of you, your family, and your personal life. The social media record you create could be taken into consideration by the courts or used to support or disprove civil litigation matters. As your Melbourne, FL law firm with experience in a variety of practice areas, we encourage our clients to make responsible use of social media. By doing so, you can control the artistic rendering that your social media presence gives to your real life activities.


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