Reasons to Consider Planning Your Estate

As your estate planning attorney in Melbourne, Florida Thomas Yardley wants to help get your affairs in order. While estate planning is not a subject that most people enjoy discussing, it is a necessary step towards protecting your family and your hard earned assets. Here are a few reasons you should consider taking the necessary steps toward finalizing an estate plan:

  • Should you pass before drafting a will, the state of Florida will determine what happens not only to your assets but also with your children under the age of eighteen.
  • Setting up a living trust will help to avoid the probate process.
  • Naming an executor to your will can help simplify the process. They will help to pay outstanding debts, taxes, and make sure that your heirs and beneficiaries receive their share of the estate.

Planning your estate will save your children and heirs even more heartache following your loss. At Yardley Law we can help make your estate plan as simple and effective as possible.


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