Proposed Changes to Family Laws in Florida

The attorneys at Yardley Law understand how delicate a situation litigating Family law can be. We’ve been practicing law for 25 years and have seen our fair share of changes to legislature. A new law filed in the Florida Senate, SB 250 “Family Law Reform,” aims to make sweeping changes to Florida’s standing family law statutes.

The “Family Law Reform” Bill will require a court to consider certain alimony factors and make specific, written findings before ruling on a request for alimony. It will also create a presumption of 50-50 time sharing for children of divorced parents in the best interest in of the child. It also provides that a party may pursue immediate modification of alimony under certain circumstances, and provides that a collaborative law process commences when parties enter into a collaborative law participation agreement.

If this law is passed, it will be the first of its kind in US. No other state has a 50-50 time sharing mandate. Parenting plans are normally negotiated with an attorney in the best interest of the child individually with each case. While this 50-50 time sharing may seem like it is in the best interest of the child, some groups do not agree.  Arguing that the wellbeing of the child depends on mother child interaction for the first year of life.

If this bill passes, it will mean sweeping changes for Florida’s family law statues regardless. If you have questions about how this proposed law may affect your Florida divorce, give the attorneys at Yardley Law a call today. We’ll be able to compassionately advise you on your situation and how you can deal with these matters with your child’s best interest in mind.


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