Family Law

familyWhen you find yourself in a family situation that cannot be solved without the help of an attorney, then trust Yardley Law with the particular details of your family matter. Thomas Yardley has practiced family law for over twenty years, helping men, women, and children whose family problems have resulted in court proceedings.

The Process

Dissolving a marriage is a legally complicated process. There is alimony and property division to consider, and child custody agreements to be negotiated. Our attorneys at Yardley Law can be your allies and advocates, dealing with the legal details while helping you come to a mutually agreeable settlement with your spouse.

Understanding and Compassion

At Yardley Law, we understand that it is a difficult decision whether or not to obtain a lawyer when handling family matters. Inexperienced and ineffective lawyers can destroy a family and their future; however, our attorneys at Yardley Law handle divorce and guardianship, paternity and probate, and all the many legal problems that can come up when a family is having difficulties with understanding and compassion.