Winning a trial is not always enough; if you beat the other side hard enough, they may take an appeal. Also, sometimes, even the best judges make mistakes. Only an appeal can correct trial court errors. A lawyer without a significant number of appellate cases is not a complete lawyer. Thomas Yardley has appeared in the appellate courts of Florida and the United States, representing Appellants and Appellees as well as Petitioners and Respondents. Yardley Law does not take appellate work from new clients, but we can help customers sort out issues on appeal.

Rules and Standards

The Florida Appellate procedure outlines the rules and standards that the courts must follow when adjudicating a request to change an official decision of a trial. In the United States, both state and federal appellate courts are usually restricted to examining whether the lower court made the correct legal determinations, rather than hearing direct evidence and determining what the facts of the case were. In most U.S. states, and in U.S. federal courts, parties before the court are allowed one appeal as of right. This means that a party who is unsatisfied with the outcome of a trial may bring an appeal to contest that outcome.

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While Yardley Law does not take appellate work from new clients, our attorneys would be more than happy to help you sort out issues on appeal so please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation.