Civil Litigation

Unfair competition, broken contracts, and unjust interference with business relationships can all wind up in court. Yardley Law has been defending people and companies in court for two decades. Thomas Yardley has prosecuted and defended cases in Brevard and Orange counties as well as the courts in the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida. He is fully versed in the complexities of civil litigation as well as construction disputes and lien law.


Civil litigation occurs when there is a legal dispute between two or more individuals, organizations, associations, or business entities that are looking to obtain money damages of specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. Civil litigation matters can involve economic restitution, compensation for an injured party, deterrence from future actions, or retribution for a wrong or wrongdoing.


A dispute or complaint is normally settled by a lawsuit in which the plaintiff seeks reimbursement for damages, reparations for a Breach of Contract, compensation for injuries, business disputes, or a host of other issues involving reward, punitive damages, or contract violations to be decided by civil court proceedings. Since civil litigation is an adversarial process, our litigation attorneys are willing to assume an oppositional position to make sure you receive the best outcome possible.

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