Appeal Service for Current Clients

As your appeal lawyer in Florida, Thomas Yardley is proud to offer comprehensive legal services. Even after a trial is won, there is the possibility for an appeal to arise. At Yardley Law, we do not recognize a lawyer as a complete lawyer unless they have a considerable amount of appellate case experience under their belt.

Thomas Yardley has appeared in several Florida appellate courts, representing all parties including Appellants, Appellees, Petitioners, and Respondents. If you are a current client of Yardley Law, we will be happy to help you fight your appeal. Typically the United States appellate courts simply determine whether the lower courts made proper legal determinations rather than re-opening the entire case and listening to evidence. Parties are generally permitted one appeal per case.

Yardley Law does not accept new clients with cases regarding appellate work, however if you are a current client we will be glad to help you through the appeal process. Contact the Yardley Law office for your consultation.


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