Considering Divorce? Part One: Uncontested

Dissolution of marriage consists of two types: uncontested and contested.

An uncontested divorce is one where the husband and wife have reached an agreement with respect to all aspects of a divorce (i.e., distribution of assets/property, custody of minor children, child support/alimony, etc.).  If both parties are in agreement, a Marital Settlement Agreement is prepared.  This Agreement specifically outlines details of the separation.  Both parties execute this document and it is filed, along with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, and a final hearing is scheduled.

This process is less complicated and less expensive.  In addition, the time in between the filing of the Petition and the entry of the Final Judgment is generally shorter than a contested divorce.  And, even though both parties are in agreement, they cannot both be represented by the same attorney.

Yardley Law has been helping couples through the process of uncontested divorce for twenty years.  We are well-versed in preparing the documents required to make this transition from married to unmarried as easy as possible.


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