Defining The Probate Process

After a loved one passes away, the process of executing a will is called Probate. The process can be difficult to understand and utilizing the help of an experienced probate lawyer like Thomas Yardley will ensure that your loved one’s wished are carried out as they hoped.

The first thing that happens in Probate is proving that the will is valid. This can become a sticky matter when the deceased did not leave a will.  In this case the Florida Constitution gives heirs the family home, and this can come under objections of surviving spouses, caretakers, or significant others.

If the will is valid and there are no questions, the court will proceed to execute the will as designated.

If it is not, the court probate will appraise assets and property of the deceased. It will then ensure that the deceased’s debts and taxes are properly paid or addressed. Finally the property will be distributed to beneficiaries as designated by either the will or in accordance with Florida Intestate Succession laws.

While this process may seem confusing and full of hassle, in the hands of an experienced attorney it doesn’t have to be. Thomas Yardley can make the process simple for you and your family. Please give your trusted Probate lawyer a call today to set up a consultation.


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