We’re Your Probate Attorney Resource

At Yardley Law we practice in several different areas of law. One of our specialty areas of practice is probate law. As your Florida probate lawyer, we attempt to make the probate of an estate a hassle free process.

If you are faced with the unfortunate task of dealing with the estate of a person that died without a will, we can help you through the process of settling the estate. The straightforwardness of Florida’s laws concerning probate provides for a rational and fairly streamlined estate distribution process. The law does require a court-supervised process for identifying the assets of the decedent (deceased). The probate process will serve to distribute the assets from the decedent’s name to the appropriate beneficiary.

If you are in need of an attorney that is capable of handling an estate probate then you’ve come to the right place. The Yardley Law team will work diligently on your probate case so that your focus is not consumed by legal matters. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation concerning your probate needs.


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