5 Reasons You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you fall into legal trouble, it is very important that you hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you. In many situations, a defense attorney has the expertise to protect your rights. If police, investigators, or prosecutors want to question you and a defense attorney is not present, it could result in you unintentionally implicating yourself in a crime. If you have found yourself involved in a criminal situation and are questioning whether you should hire an attorney, here are five circumstances in which you absolutely should.

Police Want to Question You

If you have been in any way implicated in a crime, you may be contacted about the police wanting to question you. This can be a very tricky situation if you do not know what you are doing. A criminal defense attorney will give you the necessary advice to make sure that you are protected. The most likely advice that you will receive from a criminal defense attorney is not to speak with any interviewers as you may inadvertently say something that could result in the police linking you with the crime in some way. It is well within your rights to have an attorney present whenever you are speaking with the authorities and this lawyer will ensure that you do not unintentionally say something that could result in you getting in trouble.

You Have Been Charged with a Crime

If you have been charged with a crime, hiring a professional defense attorney is essential. When this situation occurs, investigators and prosecutors will likely want to speak with you privately. The authorities cannot restrict you from having an defense attorney present and having an attorney present during these meetings will ensure that you do not say anything that could further implicate yourself. An attorney will also protect you in certain situations. If the authorities want to conduct a lineup or have a victim or witness look at photos, your attorney will ensure that these are done in the appropriate manner.

Your Case Involves a Constitutional Issue

If your constitutional rights were violated during the investigation of the case, a defense attorney can ensure that you are protected. This could include such instances as a search being conducted without a proper warrant being presented or probable cause not being established. Your lawyer will have the expertise to make the proper argument in court. Defending yourself could result in you being treated unfairly, but a defense attorney may be able to argue that the evidence collected in such a way is inadmissible in court. This could potentially result in the prosecution lacking the amount of evidence necessary to proceed with the case.

If You Are Deciding Whether to Go to Trial

If you are considering going to trial to defend yourself, you will want to consult a defense attorney first. Your lawyer will discuss all your options with you and will provide an expert recommendation about whether you should go to trial or accept a plea deal. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case, your lawyer will be able to advise you on how to proceed. A defense attorney can also help you make your decision by informing you of the consequences involved in going to trial, such as what the sentence could be. Similarly, your attorney can advise you on the consequences of pleading guilty, such as being denied future employment.

The Prosecution Has Offered You a Plea Deal

In many instances, the prosecutor may offer a plea deal to avoid going to trial. Sometimes they may do this before an attorney gets involved in the case. An attorney can analyze the offer to see if it is in your best interest to accept. They also may be able to negotiate with the prosecution to get you a better deal.

Whether you have been charged with a crime, implicated in a crime, or simply are asked to be questioned by police, you should have a defense attorney on your side. This will ensure that your rights are being protected in all circumstances and you do not accidentally implicate yourself. If you find yourself involved in a criminal case, make sure you are properly protected by contacting the professionals at Yardley Law to defend your rights.


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