The Settlement

With 20 years of experience in law, Thomas Yardley knows that each case is different and needs to be handled with compassion. Dealing in bankruptcy, family law, civil litigation, estate planning, and even criminal law in Melbourne, FL has taught him that some cases are meant for court and others, are much more smoothly settled.

Settlement is an agreement between the parties to a lawsuit to resolve the dispute without having a trial. Settlements are often the easiest and most cost efficient way to settle a dispute. There are no court costs associated with a settlement and your time is also taken into consideration because you don’t have to dress up and go to court for the day.

Settlements normally include payments to one party by the other to partially, or in some cases, fully satisfy one party’s claim. They do not include an admission of fault or guilt though. Depending on your case a settlement may be the best option. Think about these few factors when deciding to settle or take your case to court.

  • Time: Taking a case to court takes a lot of time and expense for lawyers to make a case with witnesses, depositions, discovery and the like. Ask yourself if your case could be taken care of without all this legwork.
  • Stress: Taking a case to court can create a lot of stress. Explaining your case to a judge and being cross examined by the other party’s lawyer can be very stressful. By settling you will not have to deal with the processes of court.
  • Predictability: When you take a case to court you’ll often be judged by a jury of your peers. If you don’t, your case to be up to a random sampling of your society and would like to come to a predictable end to your case. Settling may be a better idea for you.
  • Finality: In a court case, the losing party can appeal to have the case looked at again. Settling closes the case forever.

There are many more things to consider when deciding whether or not to settle a case or take it to court. If you’ve got questions regarding your individual case, please give our offices a call today. We would love to examine your case and help you make the best decision when it comes to resolving your legal dispute.


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